Here is a lil sumthin sumthin about some of our incredibly talented artists from all over the globe..

Irene. Kenya, Nairobi
Wanzau Brass Collection


Meet Irene from Nairobi, Kenya. She is an admin assistant by day, and artist by night. Irene is adorably mischievous, in a cute and coy kinda way! It was her idea to name this line, Wanzau, which is her middle name. When she told us that it meant "little calf".. we literally died! Trying to explain AAA Alberta beef to a Kenyan is hilarious, to say the least. We bonded over Kenyan and South African music during the wee hours of the night as we dreamt, collaborated, and designed the Wanzau Brass Collection. This array is very dear to our hearts, because it was able to sustain Irene during the financial crisis that happened ensuing COVID-19.