San Bartolo Black Pottery

The Barro Negro of San Bartolo Coyotepec is a ceramic marvel with roots reaching back thousands of years, though its modern incarnation emerged in the 1950s. Crafted by artisans like Sra. Esther Real and Sr. Emilio Ortiz, who inherited their skills from generations past, it embodies a rich tradition of expertise.

Renowned for its deep black hue and handmade craftsmanship, Barro Negro stands as a cultural gem. Its production eschews modern tools like potter's wheels, emphasizing the human touch in every piece. And the firing technique, guarded and honed over centuries, imparts a quality that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

In a world where mass production often eclipses craftsmanship, the continued prominence of Barro Negro serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of handmade goods and the importance of preserving heritage practices.