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Nathan & Shweta of OMAM Collected


Shweta was always taught that her home and the way one carries themselves is an extension of who they are. With her multicultural background, she was constantly drawn to bold and genuine expressions of art. 

"When I come home and see artifacts we have collected, representing so many beautiful regions of the world, and the skill of artists that is so true and pure, my heart is full. Our home is indeed a place of storytelling, memorobilia and rest. Our artists are always so blown away that people all over the world find their art beautiful, and are so very honoured to see their masterful pieces in our customers homes. I find that so very humbling. Our artisans often come from a lineage of generational skill, and we would be so very honoured to play a small part in keeping that alive and sustainable."  Shweta 


Being raised in the tropics, Shweta always believed that the Mango was the "Queen of all Fruits". You literally had her "at mango"! Being a child of Alberta, Nathan has always connected with our glorious mountains. Our family jokes how he is part human/ part animal. Shweta's mother often called him a "monkey on hot bricks". After falling in love, and becoming a team, mangoes became as much a part of Nathan's heart as did mountains for Shweta. Their journey together took them to artists all over the world and hence originated the name "Of Mountains And Mangoes".

Here’s to the wayfarers, treasure seekers, risk takers and ...those who dare to be.

For those who...